About Nileshwar

Nileshwar is the cultural capital of Kasaragod district in Kerala state of India.
This beautiful piece of land is laying beside the Arabian sea and surrounded by hills and rivers.
This place is famous for so many focal arts of Kerala like Theyyam, Poorakkali, Ottam thullal etc. and a very good place for tourism.
The name Nileshwar derives from "Neelakandeswaran" means Lord Siva, idol of the "Thaliyil Shiva" temple. There is another story that the place was named so after sage Neela who installed the Deity of Iswara(Lord Siva) in that place centuries back. History reveals that Nileshwar was part of the ancient Kolathiri kingdom which extended from Kasaragod on the north to Korapuzha at the south, Kutakumala on the east and Lakshadweep sea on the west.

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